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Running across a field
Holding a string
Attatched to a kite
Soaring high does the kite go
But then the rain came
The fun ended
The breeze is no longer so warm
The kite can no longer soar
Drooping down does the kite go
Rushing before the lightning strikes
Anxiety hitting harder than the volts
Frowny kite lays on the grass
Why must the fun stop? wondered the kite
Does the lightning seem so bad?
Isn't the fun worth the risk? pleaded the kite
No answer
There lay the sad kite
Not a soul touch it since the storm
All alone
Soaked in the wet that is depression
Never to soar again
Or so it set in it's mind
The storm never ceases
The kite will never soar
The breeze will never be so warm and inviting
The fun has come to a permanent end
Even after the storm has stopped
The kite still lay
Now tattered internally and out
Only to be touched to be thrown away
Just as the storm touched and threw away the fun
The happiness of the kite
The warm and inviting breeze
The high soaring motivation of the kite
There lay a being
Not so human not so unhuman
A storm clouds her mind just as the kite's warm breeze
She lay there unable to be touched
Unless being thrown away into containment
Alone does she lay
Her warm and inviting breeze ceased to blow
Only cold and stinging wind
Never to fly high in the air as the kite ever again
Tattered internally and out
She lay hoping the lightning would strike
The storm is more fiece just as the urge
The urge for her decease
A scenario roll in her head
Like a film
She watches her life like a home movie
Trying to find her happy breeze
Her soaring motivation
The one who held onto the string attatched let go
She fell and hit the ground
No soul touched her unless to throw her away
Abandon her
Isn't the fun worth the risk? she pleaded to the one who let go of the string
No answer
There lay the sad girl
Not a soul to touch her since the storm
All alone
Soaked in the wet that is depression
Never to feel the warmth of the one who held the string again
Or so it's set in her mind
The storm never ceases
The girl will never heal
The feeling no longer warm and inviting
Her fun has come to a permanent end
She lay dead in her own mind
Just as the kite lay dead on the grass
The storm never ceases
The feeling disappears
Both fade away into darkness
Never to be seen or touched again
The string has widdled away
Latching onto either is pointless
They will not fly
For you see a kite cannot fly without a string
Nor can a girl stand without feeling
Pointless end to a pointless tale
This is why they learned to let go


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